Jon Taffer’s Rescue Tour FAQ’s

Q. Who should attend Jon Taffer’s Rescue Tour?

A. Anyone who owns, operates or manages a small business within the hospitality industry.

Q. What type of businesses should attend?

A. Bars, restaurants, Pizza Shops, Casual dining, Quick service restaurants and any small business that’s looking for new ways to increase their current revenues and maximize their neighborhood customer base.

Q. Is this program good for a new entrepreneur?

A. Yes, Absolutely! Jon’s business principles and revenue increasing tactics are a great foundation for a new business owner.

Q. Is this program good for students?

A. Yes. If you are a business or hospitality student who wants to eventually open a customer facing business in the hospitality space, the content that you will learn will be invaluable to your future success.

Q. What will I learn during this workshop?

A. Jon will teach you his signature tactics and programs that are proven to achieve the “Sales Trifecta”: Growing new customer traffic, increasing guest frequency and building guest spend. Along with techniques for hiring the right people in your business.

Q. What is the Event Schedule?

10:30am – VIP Ticket holder check-In begins at Registration Area
11:00am – VIP Ticket holder Meet & Greet with Jon Taffer promptly begins
11:15am – General Admission ticket holder’s check-in begins at Registration Area
12:00pm – Rescue Tour Starts
1:30pm – 30 Minute Break
2:00pm – Rescue Tour resumes
3:30pm – Rescue Tour ends

Q. What should I wear to the event?

A. Be comfortable, but professional. Dress for success!

Q. Will there be food and beverage served during the event?

A. No. Although each venue will have places for attendees to purchase a drink or snack. We highly suggest eating a good lunch before coming to the event.

Q. Can I record or film this event?

A. No, you will receive a workbook with all the presentation slides. Be prepared to take notes and keep an open mind to learning. We ask that all cell phones be turned off or placed in the silent mode during the event. Please be respectful of your fellow attendees.

Q. Will I get to meet Jon Taffer and take pictures with him?

A. Only VIP Ticket holders will have the opportunity to meet Jon personally and the opportunity to have a picture taken with him. There will be hundreds of attendees at each event, it’s impossible for Jon to spend time and take pictures with everyone. Buy the VIP ticket!

Q. Will there be parking available at the event?

A. Yes, there will be parking options available at each venue location. Please check the event city page for parking information and venue directions.